V​.​A. - Underground Resistance - NNR016

by Various Artists



Nocturne Noises Records proudly presents their third compilation:


Gathering several national artists, this compilation brings a message: A message of peace, unity and resistance. Resistance to all that segregates, to all that disrespects and especially to all that is against the Cosmic Law of equality between all living beings. We at Nocturne Noises are totally against any kind of preconception, segregation and disrespect. Our humanity is living a time when it is necessary to position ourselves individually, uniting by affinity with those who share the same thoughts and objectives to be strong to resist those who insist on implementing fear and disunity between us.

So we are mobilizing and empowering ourselves, using the tools we have to do so, to have the ability to make at least, a slight difference in to this World. From the inside out, we are laying the foundation so that one day we can have the strength to make a real difference in society and especially in ourselves as individuals.

Nocturne Noises Records came to gather people by musical affinity and from this point on, provide more space for a union based on ideals and values, points that are important for the consolidation of a responsible work front and aware of its tasks and responsibilities. Even though few have the opportunity to our music touch their hearts, the minimum for us makes a big difference, because we rely on quality, not quantity.

We always believe in the potential of Brazilian Dark Psychedelic, here in Brazil exist numerous projects with excellent musical and technical quality, where you can clearly see a strong musical identity in each project of our scene. A rich musical variety that unfortunately is still known to few and our work here as an independent underground label, is to present our vast musicality to the public.

We are very patient and dedicated, aware of our abilities as well as aware of what we want as a collective: unity and opportunity for all.

With a collection of 18 artists, we hope to carry our message to every corner of the world in the vibrations of our songs, songs that often bring the strength to resist and especially the strength to stand against the negativity in our world. With intense strength and psychedelia, this compilation has come to convey to all our unity and, above all, to show the world our musical identity.

"Every chain is strong as its weakest link."


01 - Rodeo - Favail Nrty - 150bpm
W&P by Pedro Albuquerq at Ozymandias Studio, Brazil

02 - Karmazon - Large Hadron Collider - 151bpm
W&P by Diego Pontes at Karmazon Studio, Brazil

03 - Alien Coffee - Dark Matter - 154bpm
W&P by Dalvano Moraes at Alien Coffee Studio, Brazil

04 - Interior Light - Take Care - 155bpm
W&P by Pedro Perez at LogicUFO Studio, Brazil

05 - Mentalis Zavar - Black Holes - 159bpm
W&P by Delile Macedo at LPS Studio, Brazil

06 - L.M.O. & Entrementes - Set and Settings - 155bpm
W&P by Guilherme Trajano and Carlo Demartini at L.M.O. Studio, Brazil

07 - Ikpeng - Nova Era - 158bpm
W&P by Bernard Carvalho and Thadeu Carvalho at Ikpeng Studio, Brazil

08 - Bash & Ikpeng - Freaking Dark Tequila - 160bpm
W&P by Andreh Torres, Bernard Carvalho and Thadeu Carvalho at NNR Studio, Brazil

09 - Cyk & Aquarius Orb - Freezing - 160bpm
W&P by Ciro Mendes and Victor Luciano at Resina Records Studio, Brazil

10 - Bash - Heuristic Struggle - 163bpm
W&P by Andreh Torres at NNR Studio, Brazil

11 - Demonizz & Audiopathik - Desert Mystic Toad - 167bpm
W&P by Thiago Pasetchny and Alex Urias at Demonizz Studio, Brazil

12 - Wolououis - Curse Of Babylon - 170bpm
W&P by Luiz F. Secchinatto at Psyhamaa Studio, Brazil

13 - Baphomet Engine - Anarko Castro - 190bpm
W&P by Fabio Siqueira at Baphomet Studio, Brazil

14 - Ugly Ducky - Interconnectedness(Alien Chaos Remix) - 170bpm
W&P by Dennison Souza at Alien Chaos Studio, Brazil

15 - Kernel Panic - Alley Cat - 184bpm
W&P by Andreh Torres at NNR Studio, Brazil

16 - Yuxibu - Freak Show - 195bpm
W&P by Daniel Hank at Shamanism Studio, Berlim/Brazil


released November 25, 2019

Artwork by Khaoz Fractal & Ann Glownia
Mastering by Andreh Torres @ NNR Studio, Brazil

Nocturne Noises Records


all rights reserved



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